In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto released bitcoin software, and anyone who downloaded and ran the software would start earning free bitcoin!

I would tell everyone: “Run bitcoin software, its Free Money”. But most just looked at me like I was crazy. One day at a friends apartment, I forced him to download and run bitcoin on his gaming computer.

8 years later I received a call from that friend. He wanted me to confirm if he has 25 real bitcoins. He was amazed when I told him “Not only is it real, but they are now worth $500,000!”

There is a short period of time in any blockchain where early adopters get paid like startup founders!

With blockchain, the rule of thumb is to “jump in first, and ask question later”. Follow this rule only if 1. the software is open source 2. you are not asked to provide any identification, including an email address 3. never “jump in”, if you are asked for any money or fees.

This is where we are now with Protoblock and Fantasybit

Get Fantasybit Coins Now! No Risk.

Step 1: Download Protoblock (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)
Step 2: Claim A Name (optional: write down recovery phase) Claim Fantasy Name
Step 3: Copy Average & Send Copy and Send

Check back after the next NFL game, in the App or Leaderboard, to see how many Fantasybit you have. Fantasybit has recently been priced at .00001 BTC or around 10 cents USD.

If you are still reading this and have not made any projections yet, no worries, you can still do it anytime during the NFL season. Just understand that by the time you learn how and why this is possible, the “easy” window may have closed. See links below to learn more and get involved!

The Protoblock Devs